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Faculty Type
S. No.NameDesignationQualificationExperienceTypeReg. No.
1 Major Munnaza Parveen (Rtd)Principal/Deputy DirectorRN, RM, LHV, DCHN, DWA, DTA, BSc.N. B.A. EMBA03 Clinical 28 Teaching / Administrator Full TimeA – 6735
2 Mr. Sultan MuhammadPrincipalRN, DCC, Dip, card, Post RN BSN, MSN,M.A Islamiat, DHMS.11 years Teaching, 17 years clinical experience Full TimeA – 29105
3 Mr. Amjad Ali Coordinator Post RN BSc.NRN, Post RN BSc.N, Dip. Card, MBA, MSN6 Years Clinical experience 6 Years Teaching Part TimeA- 43001
4 Zafar Iqbal Sr. Nursing InstructorMSN, MHA, Post RN BScN, DCHN, RN, 13 years Teaching 15 years clinicl experience Full TimeA-33652
5 Mrs. YasmeenCoordinator Diploma ProgramRN, RM, DCHN, DWA, DTA, BSc.N-Full Time-
6 Mrs. Agnis AlfordNursing InstructorRN, RM, DWA, DTA,14 Years TeachingFull TimeA – 10416
7 Mr. Shahzad MasihNursing InstructorRN, B.ScN, Dip in Psychiatry08 Years Clinical 01 Year Teaching Full TimeA - 46476
8 Mr. Riaz AliNursing InstructorRN, Dip-card, Post RN, BScN, MSc-biochemistry2 yearsFull Time 
9 Mr. Azam Ali Nursing InstructorRN, Dip Card, Post RN BSc.N16 Years ClinicalFull TimeA - 38579
10 Mrs. RabiaNursing InstructorRN,RM, DTA, DWA.05 Years Teaching 08 Years Clinical Full TimeA - 26203
11 Miss. Summita Gill Nursing InstructorRN, RM, B.ScN02 Year Teaching 02 Years Clinical Full TimeA - 49586
12 Mrs. Margate Gill Clinical InstructorRN, RM.24 Year Clinical 01 Year Teaching Full TimeA - 17518
13 Mr. Abdul RasheedVisiting LecturerBSc (honor), MSc (Statistic), MPhil (Statistic), PhD (cont.). 8 yearsPart Time 
14 Mst. Ambreen Visiting LecturerM.A Pakistan studies 1 yearPart Time 
15 Dr. Tanzeel Balouch Visiting LecturerMBBS,FCPS4 yearsPart Time 
16 Dr. Muslim Abbas Visiting ProfessorMBBS4 years Part Time 
17 Dr. MeesamVisiting ProfessorMBBS, Mphil06 yearsPart Time 
18 Mr. Fayyaz AwanEnglish TeacherM.A English , B.Ed M.Ed& M.Phil in Eng 11 YearsFull Time-
19 Mr. Asif KiyaniClinical InstructorRN, Dip Card, BSc.N.-Full Time-
20 Mr. Ahsan-Ur-RehmanClinical InstructorRN, Dip in Psychiatry -Full Time-
21 Mrs. Naeema Bakhat English TeacherM.A English Literature 1 yearFull Time 
22 Tehseen Iqbal Nursing InstructorRN, RM, Post RN-BScNOne year Teaching and 3 Years Clinical Experience Full TimeA-69272
23 Saqib Sarfaraz Nursing InstructorGeneric BSN, MA Philosophy & MA English (In Process)1 year Full Time 
24 Prof. Abdul Wahid ProfessorM.A (Pol. Science)25 YearsPart Time-
25 Mr. Zaheer Ali Nursing InstructorRN, Dip Card, Post RN BSN07 Years Clinical 03 Years Teaching Part TimeA – 30397
26 Dr. Ambreen ArshadInstructorPharm-D05 YearsPart Time-
27 Miss. Sobia NazNursing InstructorRN, RM, Post RN, BSN, Dip Card04 Years ClinicalPart TimeA – 41328
28 Dr. Tehreem ParvaizVisiting Lecturer-MBBS, FCPS-Part Time 
29 Mr. Wakeel AhmedNursing InstructorRN,DCHN, Post RN BScN (B.A)05 years Clinical , 01 year teaching experience Full TimeA-65670
30 Irfan Ali Nursing InstructorFSc- Generic BSN2 years Full TimeA-254735
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